Warrior wire wheels

Posted by Tire & Wheel Specialist on May 19th 2016

Warrior wire wheels
Gauge-Store is now carrying WARROR WIRE Wheels!  Wire wheels can give a great new look to your car.  These are offered in a chrome or a gold finish, or you can get one with both.  These are offered in a 100 spoke design in. With many size options available.  Also many of them are available in a reverse and standard offsets. 13 x 7 REV 100 Spoke14 x 7 STD 100 Spoke14 x 7 REV 100 Spoke15 x 7 STD 100 Spoke15 x 7 REV 100 Spoke17 x 8 STD 100 Spoke18 x 8 STD 100 Spoke20 x 8 STD 10
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