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Lowered Suspension

Lowered Suspension: The lowering of your vehicles suspension for increased performance and style.  Also know as slamming or dropping your vehicle.   If you need help with choosing the right componets to lower your vehicle the correct way give us a call at 317-856-1810 

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  • Universal ShockWave Mounting Kit

    DESCRIPTION Includes billet shock mounts and weld-in upper cross-member. Does NOT include ShockWaves or Coil-Overs. If you have not designed your own cross-member kit, you will need this kit to mount your 4-Link...

    $181.50 $165.00

  • 1963-1970 Chevy Truck - Spindle

    DESCRIPTION 2.5" Drop Spindles for 1963-1970 C10 - Pair w/ Caliper Brackets.  Works with stock HD Brakes (1 1/4" thick rotors) and most aftermarket brakes. These spindles are precision cast from high-quality...

    $440.00 $400.00

  • 1955-1957 Chevy - Spindle

    DESCRIPTION These economical spindles allow you to drop your ride and increase ride quality. They are forged from heavy duty steel. *Sold in...


  • DESCRIPTION The RideTech spindle is a heavy duty forging that is approx. 1.75" taller [balljoint to balljoint] than the OEM spindle. This basic geometry change increases the camber gain during suspension compression...

    $409.50 $400.00

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