Frame Notches

Frame Notches

Whether you're looking for a Bolt In Notch or a Weld In Notch, be sure to get the job done right with our frame notches.

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Thorbecke Brothers

Dodge Dakota Bolt-in C Notch

$116.51 $93.49

We finally made a bolt in notch for the Dodge Dakota. After many requests we found it hard not to provide one. As you can see in the pic, the front of the notch drops down quite a bit. That's because the frame rail takes a dive right in front of the axle...

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Universal Bolt In C Notch

$149.50 $115.00

Universal Bolt In C Notch for lowered or air bagged trucks Do you need a bit more clearance for your rear end to travel when you lowered your truck?  Gauge Store now offers bolt in c-notches notches made from 1/4" steel plate. These bolt in notch...

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