Wheel Simulator

Save time and money buy purchasing top quality wheel simulators.  These wheel simulators are available for all duallie trucks in sizes 16 inch to 22.5 inch. The

fitments are available for Ford, Chevrolet, GM, Dodge, Nissan, Isuzu and Mitsubishi 

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Please see below for the different types of mounting along with the instructions,

and parts list so you know what is included with your kit.


 Over-The-Lug Mounting Style

 Mounting style designed with built-in jam nuts that screw over the original equipment (OEM) studs on the wheel. Removal of (OEM) lug-nuts are not required.


Wheel Simulator Kit Contains:

Item 1. (2) Front Wheel Covers

Item 2. (2) Rear Wheel Covers Item

3. Lug-nut covers w/Jam-nuts. (Qty. depending on application)

Item 4. (4) Pop-out center plates (For Front Wheel Hub Access)

Item 5. (1) Lug-nut/Jam-nut Removal Tool


Installation: Step 1. Begin by sliding on a front or rear wheel simulator cover onto the vehicle wheel without removing any of the OEM lug-nuts - allowing four of the OEM lug-nuts and studs to clear the four enlarged holes on the wheel simulator cover. Step 2. Carefully bolt on the Pacific Dualies lug-nut covers - securing them to the remaining threading left on the OEM studs. Warning - *Hand Tighten using tool provided* Warning - **Do Not Use Impact Wrench** Step 3. Snap on the Pop-Out Center Plates on to the center of the corresponding wheel simulator cover.

 Snap-On mounting style

Mounting style designed with strong steel gripping teeth reinforced by springs that grasp firmly onto the wheel of the vehicle holding the simulator securely in place. Removal of (OEM) lug-nuts are not required.


Wheel Simulator Kit Contains:

Item 1. (2) Stainless Steel Front Wheel Simulators

Item 2. (2) Stainless Steel Rear Wheel Simulators


Installation: Step 1. Align either a front or rear simulator to the corresponding (OEM) wheel. Step 2. With a quick firm nudge, press the simulator into the (OEM) wheel - making sure that the wheel simulator snaps securely into place. Step 3. Repeat Steps 1& 2 on each of the remaining (OEM) wheel

Bolt on mounting style

Designed to mount by using the original equipment (OEM) lug-nuts.



Item 1. (2) Front Stainless Steel Simulators

Item 2. (2) Front Stainless Steel Center Caps

Item 3. (2) Rear Stainless Steel Simulators

Item 4. (2) Rear Stainless Steel Center Caps

Item 5. (4) Retainer Rings

Item 6. (8) Retainer Ring Screws


Installation: Step 1. Begin by removing all the OEM lug nuts from the wheel. For GM Applications: Remove GM - OEM “Stud Retention Plate” from the wheel. Step 2. Slide the wheel simulator onto the corresponding wheel, allowing the OEM studs to clear the holes on the wheel simulator cover. Note: For Fronts only - make sure the valve-stem cut-out is aligned correctly to the OEM valve-stem. Step 3. Slide on the Pacific Dualies Retainer Ring [Item 5]; allowing the OEM studs to clear the holes on the Retainer Ring. For GM Applications: Insert GM - OEM “Stud Retention Plate” into the PD Retainer Ring, w/pins facing out. Step 4. Return and Bolt the OEM lug nuts onto the Wheel; securing the Pacifc Dualies Wheel Liner and Pacific Dualies Retainer Ring. Note: Refer to Vehicle Owner’s Manual for OEM Lug Nut Torque Specifications. Step 5. Slide on corresponding Front Center Cap [Item 2] or Rear Center Cap [Item 4] and secure it to the Retainer Ring with (2) Retainer Ring Screws [Item 6] supplied. Step 6. Repeat Steps 1-5 for each of the remaining wheels. 



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