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How do I take care of my wheels?

Protect the finish of your new wheels by regularly washing them with mild soap and warm water. Before washing your wheels, allow them to cool and never spray them with cold water while they are still hot. Chrome wheels or polished wheels that do not have a clear coat can be protected even further by using a wax, cream, or polishing cleaner, but these products should not be used on clear-coated wheels. Steam cleaners and strong chemicals used in car washes can be damaging to the finish of your wheel.


Gauge-Store has a full line of hot rod wheels for your car. Vision's American Muscle provides the perfect look for your hot rod. Old school looks in new school technology. These wheels fit everything, from the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, and today's instant classics. This Legend 5 has the look from back in the [...]

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Motorcycle Wheels by SMT Machining

All SMT Machining custom motorcycle parts and wheels are manufactured from American-made Aircraft-Grade 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum.  This is the same aluminum the U.S. Government uses in military aircraft which means less scratches, gouges, and is very corrosion resistant. Like we have always said “If it’s good enough for a fighter jet… then it’s good enough [...]

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Gauge-Store is now carrying Rosso Wheels.  Rosso has many new looks for your luxury car.  Rosso wheels has very modern, sleek designs with many finish options.  From black and milled, to a nice chrome, to bronze or silver, they are sure to have a great looking wheel for you.

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RBP Wheels

Gauge-Store is now carrying a full line of RBP Wheels!  If you want some Rolling Big Power wheels for your truck, they offer a wide variety of custom wheels and accessories for your truck! RBP Wheels will give your truck the style and quality it deserves!  RBP has a line of cast 1 piece wheels [...]

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RUFF Compact Racing Wheels

Gauge-Store is now carrying Ruff Racing Wheels! Ruff compact Racing are designed for the true auto enthusiast of modern days!  With the aggressive fitments and broad range of colors and finishes, they certainly have a great look for you and will have you turning heads when you cruise by!  Enhance the style and performance of your car [...]

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Gauge-Store is now carrying a full line of Lexani Wheels!  Lexani Wheels has a broad range of luxury styles to make sure you stand out from the crowd.  With the cutting edge designs, and the many styles and finishes that are offered by Lexani they are sure to have a design for you.

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Detroit Steelies

Gauge-Store is now carrying a full line of the Detroit steel wheels!  Check out the Mobsteels.  The Detroit steel smoothies are part of American history, designed to give your modern car a vintage look.   Detroit steel wheel company builds custom steelies for almost any ride.

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Xtreme Wheels

Gauge-Store is now carrying a full line of Xtreme Wheels!  For an xtreme new look for your ride, check out some of the cool styles offered by xtreme.  Xtreme has new styles to help you stnad out from the crowd.  Chrome and black finishes available for your truck.

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Heavy Hitter Wheels

Gauge-Store is now carrying a full line of Heavy Hitter Wheels.  Heavy Hitters has premium milling quality via patent pending Precision CNC Milling Process.  They use the highest grade material with infinite attention to designs and detail.  Welcome to the next era of unparalleled aesthetics and quality driven luxury!

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