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Parallel 4 Link Kits

If you're looking for a quality universal parallel 4 link kit, you have come to the right area.

If you are needing assistance, give us a call!

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  • Universal Weld On Parallel 4-Link

    This Fully Adjustable Parallel 4-Link kit is crazy! It is HUGE! It is FAT! The bars are super thick and built like a brick poop house. All the mounting brackets are CNC laser cut and made from a whopping 1/4" thick steel...

    $577.67 $419.99

  • Panhard Bar Unwelded Kit

    Everything included in this kit is the same as our Panhard Bar Welded Kit, except the bar is unwelded so you can build it your damn self. Uses a simple weld-in bung so its super easy to put together. Comes with a 36" bar...

    $170.76 $136.49

  • Weld-in 4Link- Parallel

      DESCRIPTION Ridetech offers the 4 link rear suspension in a parallel style. Very similar in construction to the tri link...rubber bushings, heavy tubing, lasercut bracketry...but the parallel 4 link uses a...

    $797.50 $725.00

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