Air Zenith Compressors

Air Zenith Compressors

Our 12 volt air compressors can be used for many things and are great for use in an air ride setup.
Supply air to your on-board air tank, or air system.
Our pumps are efficient even on a standard vehicle's electrical system so you do not need to upgrade.
We carry the best air compressors on the market, each one has a warranty of 1 year or more.

Air Zenith


$950.00 $888.00

  Dual-OB2 WHITE DELUXE Kit With 5 Gallon Tank   200 PSI | 100% Duty | 8.5 CFM This super fast 100% duty Air-Zenith 200PSI OBA Deluxe Kit is lab tested 8.5 CFM! Get a serious jump on the competition with Air-Zenith Dual-OB2...

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