Triangulated 4 Links

Triangulated 4 Links

If you're looking for a quality universal triangulated 4 link kit, you have come to the right place. We offer kits several different manufacturers.

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Thorbecke Brothers

Triangulated 4-Link

$450.64 $376.99

In this kit you get a square tubing 4-Link that has 2x2" bottom bars that have a 1/4" wall thickness. The upper bars are made from 1.5" DOM tube with a 1/4" wall thickness, and are fully adjustable. The round ends of the bars are made from high quality...

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"BEEFY" Universal Triangulated 4 Link

Part Description:LRD Economy Universal Triangulated 4 Link Kit FULLY ADJUSTABLE 3/4-16 RH/LH rod ends, 1" 3/16 wall tubing (2) 36" bars (2) 24" bars, 1/4" thick tabs, grade 8 hardware   Kit Components: LRD 4 Link bar 3' 1" OD 3/16 wall DOM...

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