Delinte Tire DH2

Posted by Tire & Wheel Specialist on Mar 1st 2016

Delinte Tire DH2

Get some new Tires on your ride today!  We are now offering a full line of Delinte Tires in  15"-30" sizes in the DH2, D7 & D8 models.  March into spring with a better performing vehicle.  

A higher mileage tire with a sense of style.

With its ultra-wear-resistant tread compound, large pattern interior tread blocks, and heat-releasing shoulder design, the DH2 is engineered to go the distance — quietly, stylishly and with a great wet-road grip that keeps you stable in the rain.

The DH2 is a quality all-season performance touring tire that is manufactured with a special tread compound that decreases rolling resistance. It is manufactured in over 60 sizes, so it can serve a full-range of passenger, SUV and crossover vehicles. The DH2 comes complete with a long-life, 40,000 mile limited tire warranty.

The Largest Selection of Staggered Tire Sizes for Replacement and Original Equipment Fitments.

Asymmetric Pattern Design. Our asymmetric 5-pitch tread pattern is designed to blend the requirements of dry grip and water dispersal, giving the driver a larger contact area and consistent wear for longer tire life. Larger tread ribs/blocks on the outside increase cornering stability while smaller inner blocks aid in dissipating water.

Four-wide longitudinal grooves. The grooves evacuate water and enhance longitudinal traction to prevent lateral slide improving wet driving performance.

Wear-resistant shoulder design. Integrated heat-resisting bars in the shoulder reduce irregular tread wear and dampen wind noise. This highly stable shoulder profile also pays off in great high-speed cornering.

3D Shoulder Grooves. Reduce road noise for a quiet and comfortable ride.


35185/35R1782 V XL6.59.87.821.95567.9200104747549340949420/A/A
35205/35R1881 H XL7.59.87.823.76018.3212101946249340878420/A/A
35215/35ZR1884 W XL7.0-7.5-
35255/35ZR1894 W XL8.5-9.0-
40165/40R1772 V XL6.09.87.822.25646.717078335549340935420/A/A
40205/40ZR1784 W XL7.0-7.5-
40245/40ZR1795 W XL8.0-8.5-
40165/40R1885 V XL6.09.87.823.25896.7170113551549340896420/A/A
40215/40ZR1889 W XL7.0-7.5-
40225/40ZR1892 W XL7.5-8.0-
40235/40ZR1895 W XL8.0-8.5-
40245/40ZR1897 W XL8.0-8.5-
45185/45R1575 V6.0-
45195/45R1578 V6.0-6.5-7.510.18.021.95577.719593742544300947420/A/A
45195/45R1684 V XL6.0-6.5-
45215/45ZR1791 W XL7.0-7.5-
45225/45ZR1794 W XL7.0-7.5-
45235/45ZR1797 W XL7.5-8.0-
45245/45ZR1799 W XL7.5-8.0-
45225/45ZR1895 W XL7.0-7.5-
45235/45ZR18 98 W XL7.5-8.0-
45245/45ZR18100 W XL7.5-8.0-
50195/50R1582 V5.5-6.0-
50205/50ZR1687 W5.5-6.5-
50205/50ZR1793 W XL5.5-6.5-
50215/50ZR1795 W XL6.0-7.0-
50225/50ZR1798 W XL6.0-7.0-
50225/50ZR18 99 W XL6.0-7.0-
50235/50ZR18101 W XL6.5-7.5-
55185/55R1582 V5.0-6.0-
55195/55R1585 V5.5-6.0-
55195/55ZR1687 W5.5-6.0-
55205/55ZR1691 W/V5.5-6.5-
55205/55ZR1694 W XL5.5-6.5-
55215/55ZR1697 W XL6.0-7.0-
55225/55ZR1699 W XL6.0-7.0-
55205/55ZR1795 W XL5.5-6.5-
55215/55ZR17 94 W6.0-7.0-
55215/55ZR17 98 W XL6.0-7.0-
55225/55ZR17 101 W XL6.0-7.0-
55225/55ZR18 102 W XL6.0-7.0-
55235/55ZR18104 W XL6.5-7.5-
60165/60R1475 H4.5-5.0-
60175/60R1479 T5.0-5.5-
60185/60R1482 H5.0-5.5-
60195/60R1486 H5.5-6.0-
60185/60R1584 H5.0-5.5-
60195/60R1588 H V5.5-6.0-
60205/60R1591 V5.5-6.0-
60205/60R1692 H V5.5-6.0-
60215/60R1699 H V XL6.0-6.5-7.57.626.16648.7221170977549340794420/A/A
60225/60R1698 H6.0-6.5-
60215/60R17 100 H XL6.0-6.5-
60215/60R17 96 H6.0-6.5-
60225/60R18100 H V6.0-6.5-
65155/65R1373 T4.5-5.0-
65155/65R1475 T4.5-5.0-
65165/65R1377 T H4.5-5.0-
65165/65R1479 T H4.5-5.0-
65175/65R1482 H T5.0-5.5-
65175/65R1486 T XL5.0-5.5-
65185/65R1486 T H5.0-5.5-
65175/65R1584 T H5.0-5.5-
65185/65R1588 T H5.0-5.5-
65195/65R1591 H V5.5-6.0-
65195/65R1595 H XL5.5-6.0-
65205/65R1594 H5.5-6.0-
65205/65R1699 H V XL5.5-6.0-
65215/65R16102 H XL6.0-6.5-
65225/65R16100 H6.0-6.5-
70145/70R1371 T3.5-4.5-
70155/70R1375 T4.0-4.5-
70165/70R1379 T H4.0-5.0-
70175/70R1382 T H4.5-5.0-
70165/70R1481 T H4.0-5.0-
70175/70R1488 T H XL5.0-5.5-
70185/70R1488 T H4.5-5.5-
70195/70R1491 T H5.0-6.0-
70215/70R1598 H5.5-6.5-
70215/70R16100 H5.5-6.5-
80155/80R1379 T4.0-4.5-