Delinte D7 tires

Posted by Tire & Wheel Specialist on Mar 10th 2016

Delinte D7 tires

The D7 satisfies the need for speed … and the craving for quiet.

The D7 is V, H, W and Y speed-rated, so expect high-performance handling! But, as the accompanying graph shows, you can also expect a comfortably quiet ride, too. Roll down the windows and enjoy!

The Largest Selection of Staggered Tire Sizes for Replacement and Original Equipment Fitments. View all sizes in the chart below.


d7-cutawayPerformance-enhancing silica compound and tread design. The D7’s advanced high traction compound is tuned for performance, and so is the blaze-shaped tread pattern. Expect great traction, superb fuel economy and a comfortable ride.

Wet grip grooves. The four wide longitudinal grooves evacuate road water and resist hydroplaning.

Noise absorbing groove design. Groove shape and the scores on the groove sides absorb vibration and reduce airflow noise.

delinte d7 view

delinte d7 side view

delinte d7 tread pattern

delinte d7 tread view
25305/25ZR2097 W XL10.5-11.0-
25285/25ZR2295 W XL10.59.87.827.670111.6295152169049340753420/A/A
25305/25ZR22103 Y XL10.5-11.0-
30265/30ZR1993 W XL9.0-9.5-
30275/30ZR1996 W XL9.0-9.5-
30225/30ZR2085 W XL8.09.87.825.46449.1230113551549340819420/A/A
30245/30ZR2097 W XL8.0-8.5-
30255/30ZR2092 W XL8.5-9.0-
30275/30ZR2097 W XL9.0-9.5-
30285/30ZR2099 W XL9.5-10.0-
30225/30ZR2289 W XL8.09.87.826.66769.1230127958049340780420/A/A
30235/30ZR2290 W XL8.59.87.827.67019.5241132360049340753420/A/A
30245/30ZR2295 W XL8.0-8.5-
30255/30ZR2295 Y XL8.5-9.0-
30265/30ZR2297 W XL9.0-9.5-
35215/35ZR1884 W XL7.0-7.5-
35255/35ZR1894 W XL8.5-9.0-
35215/35ZR1985 W XL 7.0-7.5-
35225/35ZR1984 W7.5-8.0-
35225/35ZR1988 W XL7.5-8.0-
35235/35ZR1991 W XL8.0-8.5-
35245/35ZR1997 W XL8.0-8.5-
35255/35ZR1996 W XL8.5-9.0-
35275/35ZR19100 W XL9.0-9.5-
35225/35ZR2093 W XL7.5-8.0-
35235/35ZR2092 W XL 8.0-8.5-
35245/35ZR2095 W XL8.0-8.5-
35255/35ZR2097 W XL8.5-9.0-
35275/35ZR20102 W XL9.0-9.5-
40205/40ZR1784 W XL7.0-7.5-
40245/40ZR1795 W XL8.0-8.5-
40215/40ZR1889 W XL7.0-7.5-
40225/40ZR1892 W XL7.5-8.0-
40235/40ZR1895 W XL8.0-8.5-
40245/40ZR1897 W XL8.0-8.5-
40255/40ZR1899 W XL8.5-9.0-
40225/40ZR1993 W XL7.5-8.0-
40245/40ZR1998 W XL8.0-8.5-
40245/40ZR2099 W XL8.0-8.5-
45205/45ZR1788 W XL6.5-7.0-
45215/45ZR1791 W XL7.0-
45225/45ZR1794 W XL7.0-7.5-
45235/45ZR1797 W XL7.5-8.0-
45245/45ZR1799 W XL7.5-8.0-
45225/45ZR1895 W XL7.0-7.5-
45245/45ZR18100 Y XL7.5-8.0-
45225/45ZR1996 W XL7.0-7.5-
45245/45ZR1998 Y7.5-8.0-
45255/45ZR20105 W XL8.0-8.5-
50205/50ZR1793 W XL5.5-6.5-
50225/50ZR1798 W XL6.0-7.0-
50235/50ZR18101 W XL6.5-7.5-
55215/55ZR1794 W6.0-7.0-
55225/55ZR17101 W XL6.0-7.0-
55235/55ZR17103 W XL6.5-7.5-
55235/55R18104 V XL6.5-7.5-