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Move stuff with the power of a 12 volt linear actuator, these Autoloc actuators are great for lambo doors, hoods, trunks and much more.
Linear Actuators
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  • Dual Linear Actuator Controller

    Then PAC-3200 is designed to control two linear motors at the same time. It is intended to be used to lift heavier trunk lids and toppers/tonneau covers that require more than one motor. The PAC-3200 has a safety...

    $129.95 $123.45

  • Single Linear Actuator Controller

    Then PAC-3100 is designed to control a linear motor and is intended to be used to lift trunk lids and toppers/tonneau covers. The PAC-3100 has a safety auto reverse feature that will stop downward travel if something...

    $109.95 $104.45

  • Linear Actuator

    LACT-12 - 12" Linear Actuator (Length: 17-1/2" retracted to 29-1/2" extended in 21 seconds) LACT-10 - 10" Linear Actuator (Length: 15-1/2" retracted to 25-1/2" extended in 17 seconds) LACT-8 - 8" Linear...

    $209.95 $199.45

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