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Accessory Electronics Controllers

Dakota Digital's accessory electronics controllers gives you the ability to control your electronics on older vehicles.
Dakota Digital
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  • GPS Speed/Compass Sender

    At last, a GPS Speed sensor which can be considered something more. GPS technology offers many benefits in todays world: accurate speed information, precise location tracking, repeatable information, and so much more. ...

    $199.95 $189.95

  • MC.2-SS Slam Specialties MC 2 Series Controller-BLUE

    MC.2 controller contains: Billet Aluminum Case Silicone Touch Pad Customizable LED Back-lit Buttons (12 color options) Color: Black Anodize, Gun Metal Anodize, Polished Smaller, Water Resistant...


  • MC.1-SS Slam Specialties MC 1 Series Controller

    MC.1-SS Slam Specialties MC 1 Series Controller contains: 8-switch Color: Black Measures: 3.75″ x 1.8″ x 0.400″ Controls 8 valves individually Microprocessor controlled solid state...


  • Retained Accessory Power with Headlight & Dome Control

    Digital Dakota's PAC-1300 offers automatic headlight control, dome light control, and retained accessory power. This new revolutionary unit will leave the headlights on for a user selectable time as the vehicle is exited...

    $199.95 $189.95

  • OBD II Speedo/Tach Interface

    Late-Model Drivetrain integration has never been simpler! The STA-1000 plugs directly into the OBDII diagnostic connector, providing a user-adjustable traditional Speedometer, Tachometer and Check-Engine output for...

    $99.95 $94.95

  • Electronic Fan Controller 70 Amp

    The PAC-2750 was designed for the ultimate in flexibility and to be a simple add-on in any application using an electric fan. Included is a 70amp relay, enough for even the most power hungry of cooling fans. Fully...

    $119.95 $113.95

  • Automatic Door Lock Controller

    The PAC-3500 was designed with flexibility in mind.   This unit will Lock/Unlock: Suicide Safety Door pins for a shaved door handle application Power Door Lock/Unlock motors for a standard power lock application...

    $104.95 $99.70

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